We are here to provide our best service to our clients in stock market and commodity market.No one in this world doesn't made profit in every trade.If we control our greediness then we will not lose money,our recommendations are based on technical and fundamental.We provide 1 target with strict stop-loss with entry range in every call in our every service.Target will be minimum 1.5% profit from entry price and stop-loss will be maximum 1.2% from entry price and we always advice to modify the stop-loss into profit whenever it comes to good profit.Out of 10 calls 7 calls will be achieve target successfully rest 3 calls may hit stop-loss or exit cost to cost or in some profit/loss.

We provide 3  intra-day service in Equity and Derivatives :

  • Nifty Future   - Daily 1 - 3 intra-day tips in Nifty Future.    Accuracy - 85%  
  • Stock Future - Daily 1 - 2 intra-day tips in Stock Future.  Accuracy - 90%
  • Equity Cash  - Daily 1 - 2 intra-day tips in Equity Cash.   Accuracy - 80%

and 2 intra-day service in Commodity (MCX)

  • Bullion and Energy  -  Daily 1 - 5 intra-day tips in Gold,Silver,Crude,Natural gas ,etc.  Accuracy - 80%
  • Basemetal                 -  Daily 1 - 3 intra-day tips in Zinc,Nickel,Copper ,etc.  Accuracy - 85%

If you are interested in our service please click here for more details or call at +919903137969